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Search Engine Easy is a search engine marketing company, with offices located in Dublin. If you’d like to know more about what we offer, please follow the links below.

Google First Page

Google First Page is Search Engine Easy’s flagship product. For just £99.00, we’ll make sure that your website is listed on Google within 48 hours. We’ll also make sure you’re listed in the YFS business directory.

Yahoo First Page

If you want your business listed on page one of the world’s most well established search engine, you need Yahoo First Page . You’ll receive five adverts on the first page of Yahoo and a YFS directory listing, all for under £100 per month.

Bing First Page

Do you like the sound of five adverts on Bing and a listing in a leading business directory, all for £99 per month? If you do, then ask us about Bing First Page ­ an online marketing campaign for the world’s fastest growing search engine.

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Search Engine Fact

The Internet's first search engine, Aliweb, was launched in 1993 in Geneva